Thursday, 26 May 2016

Different Roofing Styles and How They Suit Properties

Different roof styles can give your house a different look, feel and even function. For commercial or corporate buildings, some roof styles may be more appropriate than others. Whether you are thinking of roofs for commercial or residential properties, there is a lot of variety to be had. Some of the options include:

1. Shed, Gambrel and Bonnet roofs

These are great for sheds, barns and other out-housing type buildings of structures. As such, those who have tool or workshops, have animals or similar activity, these are options to look into. Please visit this webpage for more details

2. Hip roofs (including pyramid hip, and cross hipped roofs)

These roofing options are perfect for those persons occupying smaller bungalow residential properties, as they are able to make their indoor living space look and feel larger with these roofs. This is largely because these roofs are designed to meet at higher points in the air, thereby creating more space between the floor inside the home, and the roof. These kinds of roofs are often preferred to flat roofs.